Personal Profile

Lillian M. Wu is a landscape designer and a contractor. Many may not know that she is also a watercolor painter specializing in Chinese brushwork. She formally studied Art for many years during her childhood in Southeast Asia and continued studying Art during her college years in Los Angeles, CA. Through the years, she has gained maturity, experience and formal training which are all essential elements to her unique style. While she uses classical elements in her paintings, she also uses her keen imagination to create her unique masterpieces.

Lillian obtained her B.A. while under mentorship of Sister Corita Kent at Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating, she worked in the advertising industry for several years before pursuing her desire to study Landscape Architecture at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, CA. At Cal Poly, she obtained her B.S. in Landscape Architecture in 1978.

Since then, Lillian has always pursued her interest in Art while simultaneously working in the field of Landscape Design. Through her Landscape Design career, she interacts with nature on a daily basis. Lillian has also studied under the mentorship of Art Masters from Manila, Hong Kong and San Francisco. She travels to Asia annually which has inspired the vision for her paintings. From her vast experience, Lillian has taken her connection with nature, the knowledge gained from her Masters and her personal vision to create her own style and techniques.

Today, Lillian brings her love for art and landscapes to canvas and fabrics. She holds a signature status with the Society of Western Artists in San Francisco, CA. Her original paintings can be viewed at her studio gallery and other venues in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please email Lillian Wu at and visit for further information.

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